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Daymond John is an American businessman, investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU, and appears as an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.

Based in New York City, he is the founder of The Shark Group. At the age of 10, he used to hand out flyers for $2 an hour.

Under the guidance of his mother, he started a clothing company for men called FUBU. He also works with brands and celebrities to create additional revenue streams. Elite Column presents motivational Daymond John quotes.

10 facts about Daymond John.

  1. He Started His First Business at the Age of Six.
  2. He Declined Shark Tank Twice.
  3. He Runs an Academy.
  4. his educational background however he graduated from a local high school in Brooklyn and started different jobs before launching his business.
  5. Daymond has a total net worth of around $300 million.
  6. His family has African Roots and was settled in New York at the time of his birth. 
  7.  He has two daughters Destiny and Yameen with his first wife but the relationship ended in a divorce. 

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Famous Daymond John Quotes

“When you have a large amount of the workforce being laid off, some of them have no other choice but to go out there and invent something.” – Daymond John

“Everyone has an idea, but it’s taking those first steps toward turning that idea into a reality that are always the toughest.” – Daymond John

“If people haven’t laughed at your dreams, then you aren’t dreaming big enough, just keep pushing forward.” – Daymond John

“Don’t wait for the perfect time, you will wait forever. Always take advantage of the time that you’re given and make it perfect.” – Daymond John

“Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money.” – Daymond John

“As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning.” – Daymond John

“If I’ve learned one thing in this life it’s this: even if you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” – Daymond John

“Make sure you’re doing something that you love, that you’re willing to do for the rest of your life. If you’re doing it for the money, that’s the only thing you won’t make.” – Daymond John

“Fortunately, right now ‘entrepreneurship’ is one of the business world’s biggest buzz words and so many young people in our country are looking up to this new generation of CEO’s as their modern day rock stars.” – Daymond John

“Success is waking up every day and doing what you want to do.” – Daymond John

Motivational Daymond John Quotes

“Strategic partners are way more important than money.” – Daymond John

“Product is always king.” – Daymond John

“When looking at trends I always ask myself basic and timeless questions about business, and the one I seem to always come back to is, ‘How is this different than anything else in the marketplace?’ – Daymond John

“I think it’s only failure if you put the word failure on it. I think it’s part of the process of learning.” – Daymond John

“Money is a great slave but horrible master.” – Daymond John

“Poor people put a low value on themselves and their efforts.” – Daymond John

“A savvy entrepreneur will not always look for investment money, first.” – Daymond John

“Sales cure all.” – Daymond John

“The easiest thing to sell is the truth.” – Daymond John

“You are born a chooser.” – Daymond John

inspirational Daymond John Quotes

“An entrepreneur must pitch a potential investor for what the company is worth as well as sell the dream on how much of a profit can be made.” – Daymond John

“Mentors by far, are the most important aspects of businesses.” – Daymond John

“The thing that I’ve learned is, try to make all the mistakes with your own money and on a small level.” – Daymond John

“I do today what people won’t so I achieve tomorrow what other people can’t.” – Daymond John

“Learn as many mistakes and what not to do while your business or product is small. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow your brand. Make sure that you and the market can sustain any bumps that may occur down the road.” – Daymond John

“If you don’t educate yourself, you’ll never get out of the starting block because you’ll spend all your money making foolish decisions.” – Daymond John 

“I’ve failed way more than I’ve succeeded.” – Daymond John

“Make it. Master it. Matter.” – Daymond John

“I already have enough apparel businesses that are either doing well or not really doing anything at all, and I’m looking to broaden my portfolio.” – Daymond John

“Being around like-minded people and mentors are the number one reason for success.” – Daymond John

Daymond john shark tank Quotes

  1. “I always tried to align myself with strategic partners, friends, and information to help me with the things that I did not kno w, and ultimately, I made it.” – Daymond John
  2. “No matter what business you’re in, business is business, and financing and money are critical. I would have made a lot fewer mistakes if I had more schooling in that area.” – Daymond John
  3. “I’ve come to learn that my initial investment is more about the person versus the product that I am buying into. I’ve also learned that I really do enjoy giving worthy people an opportunity of a lifetime.” – Daymond John
  4. “If you aren’t living your dreams then you’re living your fears.” – Daymond John
  5. “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.” – Daymond John
  6. “Don’t focus on you, focus on what you can give others.” – Daymond John
  7. “I value an entrepreneur I can get behind and trust, because I know they are attempting to move forward in life.” – Daymond John
  8. “It takes the same energy to think small as it does to think big. So dream big and think bigger.” – Daymond John
  9. “If you don’t know how to do something, find someone who does.” – Daymond John
  10. “If you want to do something well, you’ve got to be committed to it. You’ve got to do it fully.” – Daymond John
  11. “My parents always taught me that my day job would never make me rich; it’d be my homework.” – Daymond John
  12. “Align yourself with the right people, forge the right relationships and you’ll set yourself up for the long run.” – Daymond John
  13. “If you really want something, stop chasing it.” – Daymond John
  14. “Life is like business, 20% of what happens to you is 80% of how you react.” – Daymond John
  15. “I believe the last thing I read at night will likely manifest when I’m sleeping. You become what you think about the most.” – Daymond John
  16. “It’s the basic lesson of starting a company: If you don’t know how to do something, find someone who does.” – Daymond John
  17. “I’d keep hearing this line, in the back of my head: if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” – Daymond John

Final Thoughts on These Powerful Daymond John Quotes

We hope you enjoyed these handful quotes of Daymond John.

Daymond John is an entrepreneur, branding expert, and noted Shark Tank investor, whose experience and knowledge provides valuable insights and directions to potential entrepreneurs.

What is the main lesson you learned from Daymond John?

Entrepreneurial Life Lessons from a Shark: Daymond John’s Five Fundamentals for Success in Business and Life.

Companies benefit from social causes.

The model of “buy one, have one donated” popularized by TOMS shoe company has spread to many other industries, including one of John’s favorite “Shark Tank” investments, Bombas socks.

Analytics can cut costs.

John works with his “Shark Tank” startups to run as efficiently as possible, and he’s realized that “granular” online analytics can be used to keep a company focused on its target customers, and produce what they are buying, rather than producing a money-wasting stock of unsold products.

A reliable team is essential.

There’s no way John could keep a close eye on each of his “Shark Tank” investments, and it’s why he hires about two new Shark Group employees each season.

Emotions are dangerous when making deals.

In his book “The Power of Broke,” John explained that when he joined “Shark Tank,” he found himself getting caught up in the excitement of a bidding war with his fellow investors, even if he was seeing something he normally wouldn’t want to invest in. He realized he needed to keep a steady head when considering a deal, and not let a competitive spirit or an impulse override logic.

Throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve it.

In “The Power of Broke,” he wrote that he lost $750,000 the first season of “Shark Tank” because he would make impulsive investments and then think he could turn around a poor company by continually injecting it with capital. He was doing the same with his own business, as well.

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